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COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA is careful to protect personal data. It undertakes to ensure the highest level of protection of your personal data in accordance with European and French regulations applicable on matters of protection of personal data. For all information on the protection of personal data you may also consult the website of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner ( .


The controller of processing is the company which determines for what purpose and how your personal data is used. 

The personal data gathered on the site is processed by :

Chemin de CHANTEGRIVE 20
1260 NION

VAT nº : 51796347600018
Chief editor : Sylvain Laur

Email :
Website :



COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA uses your personal data principally for : 

• Management of orders and customer relations

We need information about you for the management and monitoring of your orders (for example deliveries, invoices, accounting and in particular the management of customer accounts, management of the customer loyalty programme, monitoring of customer relations through the carrying out of satisfaction surveys, claims and post-sale service management, customer selection for research, surveys and product testing.

• Payment of orders

When you pay on our sites your payments are secure.  COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA does not gather your payment data. Your banking data is only gathered by our PCI-DSS certified payment service providers in order to ensure security of payment.

Payment of purchases 

When you pay for an order the card used for payment is kept on record for the time necessary for the transaction and then for a period of 15 months from the time of payment in order to provide evidence of the transaction.

• The personalisation of our services and the messages we send you

Your personal data helps us to improve and personalise the services we offer you and the messages we send you. For example: we can send you personalised emails or recommend products similar to the ones you have already bought or enquired about and which match your interests.

• Anti-fraud

The personal data gathered on the site is also processed to secure payments and deliveries and hence to ensure you receive optimal service quality.  COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA determines the level of risk associated with each order. In the context of this analysis COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA is likely to consult its risk prevention service suppliers to refine its analysis.

• The security of our site

We collect certain browsing data to ensure the security of our services and to detect, avoid or trace all attempted cyberattacks or hacking or breach of the terms of use of our services.

• Customer knowledge and the statistics and performance of our site

We may use data to better understand out customers or for statistical purposes to analyse the activity on our site and improve the services we offer. We carry out audience measurement, we measure for example the number of pages viewed, the number of visits to the site, the activity of visitors to the site and the frequency with which they return.

Personal data gathered 

What it is 

We gather and process in particular your family name, given name, address, email address, password, telephone number, IP address, connection and browsing data, orders made, preferences and interests, products examined, delivery problems, claims, location data to guide you to the distrubutor best able to deliver our products. 

Whether the data is compulsory or optional is indicated next to the field by an asterisk. Some data is gathered automatically from your actions on the site, while other information may be sent by partners.

At what point we gather your data

We gather the information you provide us with particularly when :

• You create your customer account on our site,

• You place an order on our site,

• You browse our site and examine products

• You take part in a game or competition

• You contact Customer Service

• You send a comment

What are the communications we send

Information and Newsletters

• Service emails 

Following an order or in the context of monitoring a contract you will receive an email allowing you to track your order or the performance of your contract (order confirmation, information on delivery of packages...). These service messages are necessary for the proper performance of the orders and the services you have requested. Receiving this information is not linked to any choice you have expressed on receiving newsletters and offers. 

For example : If you are a customer or subscribe to our newsletter you may receive information on sporting events, special evening reservations...).


After the opening of your account and if you have not opted out you will receive information and offers from COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA by electronic communication (email, sms...). These newsletters mean you stay informed on COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA news and the special terms you can benefit from on products similar to those you have already ordered or examined on the site. We measure the rate of opening of our electronic messages in order to adapt them more to your needs.

• Newsletters from « Partners » 

If you have agreed to receive offers from « partners », you may receive  offers from other companies of the group (e.g.: MISTER GOOD DEAL, FRANCE BILLET...) by electronic communication (email, sms...) and from selected commercial partners.

• We do not pass the information you provide us with to partner companies and you should not therefore receive commercial offers from third parties.

• Courier 

If you have not opted out you may receive offers and information by courier.

Duration of preservation of personal data 

The processing of your personal data is justified for different reasons (legal basis) depending on the use we make of your personal data. The legal basis and duration of preservation which we apply to our main processing activities are set out below.

Most data, for example information on your customer account and past orders, is kept for as long as you are an « active » customer and for a period of 5 years from your last activity (e.g. purchase, connection to your account or maturity of a contract or of a guarantee). Your data is then stored with restricted access for a supplementary period for a limited number of legal reasons (payment, guarantee, litigation ...). After this period it is erased.

Purpose of processingDuration of preservation in operational base
Management of orders for products or services5 years from last activity
Sending of messages by email or sms (sales prospecting emails)3 years from last activity
Sharing of data within COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA group for purposes of customer knowledge5 years from last activity 
Prevention of fraud3 years from inclusion in danger list 
Preservation of bank card data following a payment15 months

Recipient of data

Transfer of data and sub-processing

The data we gather may be transferred to suppliers (sub-processors) used by COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA for the carrying out of services in the context of the purposes referred to above, for example for the management, performance, processing or payment of your orders and for marketing operations.

How can I express my choice on the use of my data ?

We work actively on the improvement of our choice management system accessible in your account in order for you to be more able to control the use of your data.

You may withdraw your consent at any time or make an objection to the use of your data as descibed above: 

- on the opening of your account using the special boxes or links enabled on the creation of the account 

- at any time after that

• By email to

• By courier to the address:  COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA service consommateur, Chemin de CHANTEGRIVE 20, 1260 NYON SWITZERLAND

If you use email or courier 

Please indicate your family name, given name, e-mail and address stating the reason for your request and/or the right you seek to exercise. 

What are my rights on the use of personal data ?

In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data you may exercise your rights (access, rectification, erasure, opposition, restriction and portability if necessary) 

COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA has a data protection officer (DPO) responsible for ensuring the protection of personal data. You may contact the data protection officer of COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA at

Is my data transferred outside the European Union ?

You are informed that some of your personal data may be transferred for the purposes referred to above to companies located in countries outside the European Union which have levels of data protetcion equivalent to the European Union. 

Social networks

The use of social networks and of services related to social networks is likely to involve the gathering and exchange of certain data between the social network and COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA. We recommend you consult the personal data protection policies of the social network in order to ascertain the information gathered by it which may be transferred to COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA in connection with its sites and  applications and the purposes of the use of your data, particularly for advertising purposes. You may directly configure access and confidentiality of your data on social networks. COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA gathers certain information and personal data on its own account in connection with your activity in the sites of COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA social networks or COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA sites or applications which use the services of social networks. This data is used for advertising purposes to improve our commercial relations and the advertising which is sent to you to offer you a personalised and social experience. The information gathered by COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA is for its own account. COMPRESSPORT INTERNATIONAL SA is not however responsible for the use made of your data by social networks on their own account.

What are Cookies used for advertisement targeting ?

We use tracing technology, particularly cookies, on our sites and those of partners to adapt advertising to your needs and interests. We recommend you read the Cookies section to obtain detailed information on the use of cookies and other comparable technology and see the possible choices available to you.